The Immortal Berserker Chapter 292

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Though they had won the battle, it wasn’t a flawless victory. Barrett would like to say they hadn’t lost anyone important- but that was only from his perspective. Obviously from the perspective of those who died they were important to themselves and those they knew. However, what they could say was their losses weren’t too bad. Of the approximately two hundred, around twenty had died- mostly first and second tier, though a few were third tier. Many more were injured, but they would be able to recover. On the other side, the Macaio clan had been overwhelmed and had lost three masters- one of those that should have been present was unaccounted for. Perhaps they were in the nearby city or travelling- there was no way to say for sure. They didn’t have the luxury of capturing any of the other masters- holding back was far too dangerous- and nobody else knew anything.

The number of losses among the Macaio clan was several hundred- most of them were first and second tier cultivators, but they had still lost dozens of third tier cultivators. That didn’t count the members of the Silver Blade that Master Hykel fought- there were a dozen third tiers, and a pair of fourth tier masters… and a sixth tier. According to Master Hykel, the sixth tier had likely advanced fairly recently- sometime after the fall of the Silvers Blades in Stredo, anyway. It wasn’t clear what the Silver Blades had been doing with the Macaio clan- though perhaps searching the records the Macaio clan left behind might provide some clues. It was unlikely to have anything definite because the Silver Blades didn’t like records, but there was always something… at the very least, expenses had to be noted somehow. Unfortunately- but expectedly- they hadn’t been able to kill everyone and some people had escaped. They would likely try to cause trouble later, but even if they came to attack again in great force the Anakoni clan was relieved that they had retaken their ancestral grounds.

Though Master Hykel was arguably the most injured of those alive at the end of the battle, he was the first to recover. It took him almost an hour to recover, which sounded very short… but Barrett knew that was equivalent to ten years- more than ten years, really. Especially since he could focus on specific parts of him to heal. The issue was all the internal damage caused by the poison. On the outside, he had looked fine- but Barrett knew from the way he moved that he wasn’t okay on the inside.

Barrett didn’t take too long himself- once he had a chance to properly remove the metal dust, his lungs healed up what damage there was fairly quickly. Of course, the other Immortal Berserkers were also fairly quick to heal- though some of them would still take days to recover.

Before that, after only a few hours had passed, a large group arrived from Crilen. It was not unexpected, so everyone able to fight was put together before they arrived. According to the plans, they might not need to fight, but they needed to be ready.

Barrett watched from the wall to the side of Kail as the group came closer, stopping out of easy ballista range. Kail looked down at them, his arms crossed, “Who the hell are you? Why are you trespassing on the Anakoni clan’s land?”

A woman stood out at the front of the group, “We are the militia of Crilen. We heard there was an attack on the Macaio clan-”

Kail laughed, “What a joke. This is the Anakoni clan’s land. The Macaio clan has been forcibly occupying it for a while, but what did you do then? Besides, you clearly don’t represent anything but those who take bribes. Now get out off of our land, or we shall treat your Iakopa clan and the others as enemies.”

“We have caught you in the middle of a vicious attack, do you think we’ll let you go now?” the woman stood up bravely.

“You are under the impression that we are still in the middle of taking back what belongs to us.” Kail shook his head, “But that is simply not true. Now, I told you to leave, and I shall give everyone not standing near you one more chance. If you would,” he gestured towards Master Hykel who was standing behind him and off to the side. Barrett felt the flare of energy, going from restrained to full power in a single moment. Even the wall trembled slightly as Master Hykel threw a multisteel sphere, absolutely full of berserk energy. Before the woman could properly react, there was a crater in the ground where she had been standing and not much of her left. Those who had been standing around her had been partly able to defend themselves- though some of them were dead and most were injured. “Now get off our land. Besides the Iakopa clan, I know several others…” at that point Kail pulled up the heads of the three masters of the Macaio clan they had killed, “and I doubt you can do much without the Macaio clan having any local forces left. We will allow the Iakopa clan to pay reparations to us for this farce in exchange for not being wiped out.” The head Barrett had squashed was obviously misshapen. With only a hundred or so meters between them, cultivators could make out the heads well enough that any who actually had seen the masters would recognize the other two.

Nobody spoke, but the people at the back of the group turned around to run first. Some of those at the front momentarily tried to walk away with dignity, but once they senses everyone else running they went with them. They might have had more to say, but there was nobody willing to say it. The Macaio clan had managed to get some of the city to support them- and the rest to look the other way in fear- but now that they were basically without any power in the area, the former weren’t strong enough to do anything… and the latter would be quite relieved. Barrett knew they still weren’t done here yet. The Anakoni clan would likely have to avoid actually wiping out any of the smaller clans- except perhaps the Iakopa clan- but there was still vengeance to be taken. Any of those who had escaped the attack of the clan had at least a few grudges to take care of.

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