The Immortal Berserker Chapter 228

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Physical pain came in many different flavors. Cuts, scrapes, bruises, and broken bones were all fairly normal. Burns from fire and electricity or frozen parts from extreme cold were something else entirely. Barrett had even experienced acidic air and toxic metals trying to invade his system. 

When he woke up, he was back in his room in the Immortal Berserker Sect- he could see that by the roof above him. He hadn’t fully comprehended the pain before he passed out. Now that he awoke, his arm was an entirely new form of pain. His arm felt like it was trying to explode, being squeezed in by the splints but also pressing against itself from every angle. It was dark outside, which meant enough hours had passed that he had the equivalent of at least a few months of healing, but his arm seemed even worse than it had before. 

Barrett could just see a pile of food out of the corner of his eye. He used his good arm- the wrist on his right hand was healed- to reach over and pick up a hunk of bread, doing his best not to jostle his left arm. As he chewed on the thick and tasty bread, he felt it filling up his stomach and providing him the needed fuel to actually do something.

First, he took better stock of his left arm. It was chaos. Each tiny piece of bone seemed to be trying to grow into a whole new bone, though they couldn’t decide on a direction or even what kind. Not that they’d made it far. With all of the swelling, each speck of bone had grown into several specks of bone before it ran out of materials. Only a few of the blood vessels in his forearm had survived, providing just enough blood to keep his arm from falling apart.

The first point at which it looked like anything normal was his elbow. At that point, most of the muscles, bones, tendons, blood vessels, and everything else were basically in the right spot. Beyond that point, he mostly had mush contained inside his skin. The first real decision Barrett made was to remove the splint. His arm was swelling too much, and he needed to be able to move things around. As he reached over and removed the splints, pain rushed into him- the parts of his arm that had been numb started complaining in full force. However that sort of tingly pain was quite familiar to him already.

Without the splints, Barrett didn’t do much besides lie flat on his back. He could still start fixing his body like that. He started at the elbow, taking whatever tiny fragments of bone were around and moving them into approximately the right shape for his bones. For comparison, he used the internal structure of his right arm. Barrett made sure to get some marrow in the middle of the bones, and for the most part the actual bone part had a mostly smooth outside… but he’d only done a few millimeters of repair. His muscles and tendons were still messed up, but he couldn’t even think about them until he had bones to hold up the structure.

He continued eating as he worked, regaining as much stamina as he could to use on coaxing his body back into the right position. Barrett’s work was very slow, and several times he almost gave up- either to ask for buckets full of medicine or a doctor to work on him piece by piece or even to just cut the whole thing off so he could regrow it. However, now was a perfect time to get more practice with healing his own wounds with Pure Body Tempering.

Barrett was glad he had run out of berserk energy during the fight. If there had been any left in his body, it would have probably trashed his arm. As it was, he moved the tiny bits he had recovered to help break down some of the pieces of bone that were healing wrong.

After he had shaped about two centimeters of bone, he was out of stamina, including what he could recover from eating. With that, he fell back into darkness.


When he woke up in the morning, it was to a knock on his door. “Come in,” Barrett said with as much energy as he could.

The door opened and Nilima walked in. Her arms were folded in front of her. “Can’t get up huh? You already missed the final match.”

“I know,” Barrett waved his good arm to signal he didn’t care. “Guess neither of us get to win the third tier tournament.”

“Yeah, whatever.” Nilima shrugged her shoulders, “Just thought you should know. So, you need anything while I’m here?”

“Actually, can you go over to that shelf there?” Barrett pointed to the shelf that had all his medicines. Nilima walked over. “See that one with the blue bottle, little red pills?”

Nilima nodded, pouring one out into her hand. “Yeah, got it.” She walked over to Barrett, “Here.”

“Oh, I don’t need it. Those are for you. Good from recovering bone damage and the little bits of damage from berserk energy.”

“Oh. Thanks.” Nilima looked down at the bottle. “Well, since you don’t need anything, I’m going now.” Nilima got all the way out of the room and managed to shut the door before she collapsed. Barrett still heard it though.

He sighed and shook his head. Unlike him, she didn’t heal quickly… and most of her limbs were at least partly broken in some form or fashion. She’d even insisted on using her right hand, as if he couldn’t see it was wrapped in bandages and shaking. “Owain!” Barrett shouted for his closest neighbor, “Can you carry this idiot outside to somewhere she can pretend to not have passed out?”

Owain was a big man. Naturally big, not from training in the Immortal Berserker Style- that had barely made him bulkier at all. He opened Barrett’s door a few moments after he was called for. “This idiot?” he asked, pointing at the floor.

“That’s the one. Just prop her up somewhere out of direct sight. Make her swallow one of those pills and one of the nutrition pills from the shelf up there.”

“Sure thing.” Owain stopped just before he finished closing the door, “You gonna be alright? I know you were determined to win that tournament.”

“Nah. I got as far as I needed to.”

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