The Immortal Berserker Chapter 168

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Barrett picked himself up off the ground and looked around. First he made sure that the tornado wasn’t coming any closer, then he brushed off the dust. Then he started picking shards of metal out of his chest. For the most part he was fine. He was more durable than standard boulders, so they were worse off in any impacts… and he had done his best to avoid most of the collisions. Being able to change his momentum around was quite helpful there.

After advancing a few miles away just to make sure he was out of Tornado Plains, Barrett started concentrating on healing a broken arm. He’d already started with moving the bones back into their proper place, all he needed was to accelerate the healing. It would actually affect his fighting and so dealing with it first was proper. It would likely heal in ten or twenty hours on its own, but he could do better.

A whole arm took about five percent of a body. Thus, a few broken pieces of that was less than a single percent. That meant, in theory, he could heal it at a hundred times faster than the rest of him or more, with practice. Practically, Barrett could do ten or twenty times for something the size of a break.

Barrett drew on his stamina and the healing from the rest of his body. The scratches and punctures immediately slowed down in their healing. Instead of healing at over a hundred times normal speed, they became more akin to normal healing speed that could only be observed over the course of days. That in turn accelerated the healing in his arm to a level visible to the naked eye- if someone could see into his arm.

About an hour later, the arm was healed. Barrett tested it with a few swings, though he could tell the internal state of his body better than moving it around would ever do. He was glad that he’d gotten new magic bandages, as they did an excellent job of absorbing the blood from his various wounds before they had scabbed over. That also meant that his next set of clothes wouldn’t be all bloody.

The only thing left to do was head into Sashor. Reina would be waiting for him there- he didn’t believe she would fall to the tornado so easily. Or perhaps he would get there first, but either way Reina was out of sight. Oseta was about a day’s journey- several on foot for normal people, and less than a day if he hurried. It wouldn’t hurt to get there faster, and then he might have some time to spend with Clara and Jack. He wanted to see how they were settling into their new lives.


Jack stopped the ox pulling the plow and wiped his brow. Somehow, it felt like more work to guide an ox than to do the work by hand… but if he looked at the field he’d plowed he knew that wasn’t the case. However, it was true that the ground here was harder to work than in Voscea. Of course, nobody had tried to kill him here. For the most part, people were friendly- and those who weren’t could be avoided. He did miss the extremely fertile soil though.

“Hello there!” called someone from the road, “How’s farming going?”

“Not bad… except for the moles. What are you doing all the way out here?” Jack looked up and saw a familiar face. Or rather, a face that was rather familiarly covered in bandages. “Barrett? It’s good to see you again!” He leaned on the plow, “This farm you set us up with… well, we can’t thank you enough.”

“Glad to hear it’s working out. What’s this about moles?”

Jack shrugged, “Just normal moles. They like to eat the roots of my plants. It’s just hard to track them down.”

“Oh? I can help with that?”

“Oh, don’t worry yourself. They’re not a danger, and I’ll find ‘em eventually.”

Barrett nodded, “I’m sure you will… but a little magic won’t hurt.” He closed his eyes for a few moments, then pointed, “The tunnels mostly lead off this way.”

“Oh? Really? How’d you find ‘em?”


Jack raised an eyebrow, “Really? I thought you were a warrior. You still look it…”

Barrett laughed, “I know a little bit of earth magic. It’s not much compared to everything else though.”

“Well, around here we don’t get much magic or warriors or anything. Which is perfectly fine… Why don’t you come in and talk? We can track down those moles later.”


Barrett and Jack found Clara out pulling weeds in another section of the farm. She was also delighted to see Barrett. They ate a solid dinner mostly composed of vegetables they had raised.

“This is good,” Barrett nodded, “Most of the time I end up eating food more for its nutritional value than its taste. There are cook but… they have a lot of people to serve.”

“Is training hard?” Clara asked.

“It can be.”

“Is that why you’re injured?”

Barrett shook his head, “No, this is from getting caught by the tornado.”

“The tornado?” Clara tilted her head.

“Yeah. You know… the tornado. Tornado Plains is just a bit away, you know?”

That tornado?” Clara’s eyes widened. “You… run into a lot of danger.”

Barrett shrugged, “I suppose so, but it’s something I can handle.” Barrett decided to leave out the few times he almost couldn’t handle it. “On the whole, though, I don’t feel like I’ve provided as much good for the world as I could. I help some people not die, but you help people actually live.”

“Oh?” Jack shook his head, “I’ll not try to get into comparing the relative values of our professions. I’m happy to not have cause to think about fighting often. Still have to watch out for travelers, but the people around here don’t cause much trouble.”

“That’s good,” Barrett sighed, “I wish that had been the case back home for me… though I wouldn’t be doing the world much good from that position either. I would have just been a tolerable young lord waiting around for his turn to rule.”

“You were a noble?” Jack asked.

“Hard to imagine, right? From noble to berserker…” Barrett shook his head, “It’s an unpleasant story, but I’ll just say I’m on my way to settle some things. Hopefully, I’ll end up making things better for the regular people.”

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