The Immortal Berserker Chapter 135

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Barrett was impressed by the training of the Silver Blade assassin. Not only had he attacked at the perfect opportunity, he had even pierced the armor Barrett wore- and even though it was light, it wasn’t weak. His attack even dug into Barrett’s spine.

Barrett felt his legs try to give out… but he didn’t let them. He had no time to watch the other battle he’d just interfered in as he did a sweeping chop behind him. A chop was a very inefficient way of delivering energy, but he didn’t need to be efficient, he just needed to hit. Unfortunately, his attack was dodged once again. He only left a slight trail of blood on their chest as his attack scraped by. Barrett had to admit this man was good. He didn’t panic at the ambush failing, and merely sought out opportunities.

He stayed back, watching Barrett’s movements. Normally Barrett would appreciate that, but unfortunately this was a battle he couldn’t afford to be slow in. He was the one most injured… and if the battle went on too long he would lose the ability to stand. More importantly, the poison in the air that had dropped the first tier cultivator was starting to affect him. Barrett silently cursed the creator of the hundred poisons pill who hadn’t bothered to put a full hundred poisons in it. If they had, perhaps the current poison would have been one of them. The poison by itself wouldn’t do much to a second or third tier cultivator who had a strong body, but it was just one more thing Barrett had to worry about.

Barrett could hope for one of the others to win their fight and come to his aid… but if things went wrong he could also end up with one more enemy to fight. Though the third tier Leipeka clan cultivator had managed a good hit, it didn’t guarantee his opponent’s defeat.

Barrett started attacking, even when it left him slightly open. The assassin would slash at his arm… but Barrett didn’t bother with that. The cuts weren’t deep… and there was no more poison on the blades to be worried about. All he had to do was create the right opening.

The fight moved around the upper part of the gatehouse. There actually wasn’t much room to maneuver… which Barrett planned to use to his advantage. The assassin dodged this way and then that… and found himself stuck between one of the cauldrons and the myriad of weapons controlled by Kaylani. Behind him was a wall.

Barrett threw out a straight punch- there was nothing special about it, just a large amount of mass and berserk energy behind it. The assassin couldn’t duck under the attack without making himself almost prone, and he couldn’t move into the area of Kaylani’s weapons- and they were already encroaching toward him. Thus, he blocked Barrett’s attack with his daggers.

Daggers weren’t meant for blocking- but in his particular case it was logical. Though they were only made of ironwood, they were tough… and sharp. Barrett was attacking with a mostly unprotected hand, so he would have to change the trajectory of his attack to avoid hurting himself.

That was what Barrett supposed he was thinking… but this was already within his plans. As his fist struck the daggers, the berserk energy covering his hand shattered them apart. He’d already been weakening them every time they struck him, and they only had so much structure.

It didn’t come without cost to Barrett. It took a large amount of Berserk energy, and one dagger stabbed completely through his fist, and the other went into his wrist. However, it was the best he could do. His fist had very little momentum to continue to strike the assassin- Barrett doubted he even ended up cracking a rib. However, Kaylani managed to spare some concentration to fill his side with a few very large needles. He managed to avoid anything stabbing into anywhere important, but his left arm and leg would be less mobile. More importantly, as he continued to move he would worsen the wounds.

Before Barrett could follow through, the assassin slipped out of the tight position. Barrett took advantage of that moment to observe the rest of the battle. At that moment, the assassin Kaylani was fighting had just had his eyes stabbed out by needles, and the lower tier cultivators had managed to injure their opponent’s arm enough he only had one remaining and was barely able to defend.

Things were looking up, but then two more people arrived. They weren’t assassins… but instead Bachon clan members. More importantly, they were also third tier. Barrett wasn’t sure how they managed to get in, but that wasn’t important at the moment.

Kaylani moved to intercept one of them, and Barrett got a glimpse of her able to fight in her own environment. There was a veritable cloud of metal projectiles flying around, but Kaylani managed to hold her own, deflecting enemy projectiles while keeping control of her own.

Barrett couldn’t afford to continue watching, however. He still had the assassin to deal with, and while he was weakened Barrett was sure he had more tricks up his sleeve. More importantly, the other Bachon clan member was coming for him. He didn’t think he could fight both at once… but the limp in the assassin gave him an opening to attack.

Barrett sprang forward to dodge a barrage of flying spikes, moving as if to strike the assassin with his good fist. The assassin stepped to the side… but instead of settling back into stable footing, Barrett continued forward, grabbing out at the assassin’s arm. He wasn’t in a position that it was possible to balance- but he didn’t care. He just needed to split his attention between that and keeping his legs working.

The assassin was no longer fast enough to dodge the unexpected movement, and found himself with his arm caught. Though he immediately moved to try to wrest away Barrett’s grip, he didn’t have the strength or the time to do so. He suddenly found himself lifted off the floor, held by his upper arm… and moving with great speed.

Barrett charged toward the Bachon clan member, using the assassin as a shield. It wasn’t perfect, as humans weren’t designed to be shields… but it kept Barrett’s head and body safe. Meanwhile, his arms and legs could withstand a barrage of spikes that didn’t have much individual force behind them.

The assassin did not fare so well. Even though the Bachon clan cultivator tried to avoid hitting him- mostly for the sake of not wasting energy, Barrett imagined- Barrett managed to direct him into a few spikes, and he was soon filled with holes. That wasn’t terribly important, however, because soon his spine was broken as he crashed into the Bachon clan cultivator.

Of the two, the Bachon clan cultivator was much less injured by the attack. His body was like metal- or rather, a good portion of actually was metal. Even so, he was thrown off his feet onto his back. Barrett continued forward, gathering most of his remaining berserk energy onto one of his legs, which he then stomped on the Bachon clan member’s head with.

To his credit, the Bachon clan member maintained a mostly round skull… and perhaps even survived. Barrett didn’t have the luxury to check, as suddenly he felt two sharp blades cut his neck. However, he only felt it. It hadn’t happened yet, but was a flash of killing intent. He barely had enough time to reach his arm out before it actually happened.

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