Of Space and Bachelor’s Degrees Chapter 66

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Richard watched with his energy body, the only part of him that was still conscious. Jot and the older Xevaronian faced off against each other. They barely even managed what looked like formal introductions before flying into action.

They were merely a blur of punches, kicks, and other movements. Maybe if Richard still actually had eyes, with what he had now assisting him he might be able to make some sense out of what was going on. All that Richard knew was that Jot had been holding back during sparring. He hadn’t just held back against Richard who was comparatively weak and fragile, but also the other Xevaronians. He would clearly hold back his strength to a level he didn’t hurt anyone, at least not in any significant manner- spars weren’t meant to truly hurt people after all. There was that… but Richard could see he was clearly much faster than seen before as well.

Unfortunately, no matter how much better Jot was than Richard had realized, he was still in for a hard fight. Richard could see that his opponent was blindingly fast as well. Then, everything slowed down. Jot had his arm held behind him in an awkward pose. Richard knew that was a precarious situation. Had Jot lost? What would happen to him? Richard knew that such a position couldn’t be recovered from by brute strength, and Richard wasn’t sure if Jot was stronger than his opponent.

Then, Jot turned around. If Richard had just been using his eyes, the angle would have prevented him from clearly seeing what was going on. As it was, he wasn’t sure if his mind was playing tricks on him. Jot clearly couldn’t turn around from that position with his arms caught, and yet he did. As he did, his elbow bent the wrong way. Richard could understand that part, but Jot’s arm also rippled and bent, almost as if it were made of rubber. Richard could clearly see the forearm bend at a strange angle, as well as the upper arm. Yet, in a moment they snapped back to their position, so they were not just broken. It didn’t seems like it would be good for the arms in either case. However, what happened with Jot’s other arm was more important, if less visually interesting.

Somehow, Jot got into a position where he threw an uppercut as he twisted around, his arms crossing paths and almost seeming to move through each other during the process. The end result was that Jot’s fist hit his opponent in the jaw, cleanly. Richard heard a loud breaking sound, but it wasn’t the jaw. Richard assumed it was broken, but it couldn’t have made that kind of noise. However, it was soon obvious what the sound was. Richard’s senses caught up to the position of Jot’s opponent, moving up… and then back down as he dropped from the ceiling. The six meter high ceiling, that was now cracked.


Jot walked over to the man, who was miraculously still breathing, and grabbed him by the back of the neck with his remaining functional arm. The Xevaronian weakly tried to grab Jot’s arm… but all of his fingers had been broken at the same time as Jot had escaped his hold. Jot lifted him up to a kneeling position, with Jot standing behind him. “As the master here, I officially expel you from the Xevaronian Martial Arts Association, never to be reinstated. In addition, for your crimes against a former brother…” Jot paused to take a deep breath, “I sentence you to death.” A sickening crunch rang out as Jot’s fingers closed around the man’s spine, crushing it. Though he merely used a single hand, it was clear that Jot had become exhausted after the action.

After unceremoniously dropping the body, Jot moved step by unsteady step toward Richard. He looked at Hiroshi. “How is he?”

Hiroshi shrugged. “Not dead,” he tilted his head as he looked over Jot, “Putting him only a step or so below yourself.”

“Bah,” Jot shrugged, then grimaced as he felt his arm move, “I couldn’t possibly die from this sort of thing.”

“No… but if you had been a bit weaker or less determined… it’s hard to say. Barring any external forces.” Hiroshi’s eyes flicked toward the entrance to the gym.

“It still wouldn’t change my decision.”


Richard woke some time later. At some point after all the excitement had ended, his energy body had also drifted into unconsciousness… though not before he had made sure his body wasn’t doing too poorly. Since there was only minimal internal bleeding, Richard had declared that as fine… which was terrifying, when he thought about it.

The first thing he heard was Susan’s worried voice, “Are you okay Richard?”

Richard turned to look at her. “What did the doctor say?”

“Umm… ‘him again?’”

“After that.”

“Oh, well he said you would make a full recovery. He didn’t say how long it would take though.”

Richard understood that completely. While he had no doubt in the doctor’s ability to accurately predict recovery times… that was only in normal cases. “I’ll be fine then.” Richard looked around the room. Besides, Susan, there was only Hiroshi’s cousin. He fumbled around for the name… Jessica. She was leaning her back against the wall, and merely nodded when he looked at her. It was obvious that if talkativeness was related to genetics… Hiroshi and Jessica didn’t share that part.

Checking the time, Richard found that it was just turning night on the same day, which meant he’d only been unconscious for a few hours. Not too much later, Hiroshi came in, carrying an armful of various kinds of food. “Jot sent me with this. He’s got some official business to take care of.”

“Yeah… Why do I think that official business is the ‘nice’ way of putting it?” Richard concentrated. The details he picked up with his energy body were different from what he saw with his physical body and mind. It wasn’t exactly vision, so some details were hard to understand with his normal brain. He was pretty sure someone had died though. Richard didn’t think that would be easy to deal with.

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