(Patreon) Wizard book (Some number I didn’t clearly seperate it but it might be 5) epilogue


Although the war continued for some time, the demons eventually withdrew after they confirmed the Demon King’s death. Though the humans would have liked to bring the war into the demon territory to cause them damage… they were already quite tired of war, and weren’t willing to risk venturing far.

Eventually, they declared the war a victory, which was true enough. With victory came the inevitable problems of cleaning up afterwards, repairing the damages to the cities, and recovering from the economic hardships involved. However, there were also celebrations, as well as rewards and commendations. Various cities erected statues of various war heroes, though many people did not know about the destruction of the Demon King. Though they knew of his death, his destruction meant very little to the common folk. Still, among the statues were some of those who had participated in the battle to destroy the Demon King… as far as the records could determine. As the leader of some special task force, Yu Hui’Lam was also given a statue… though the sculptors didn’t know exactly what he looked like. Such statues were occasionally displayed in different locations, and once it even found itself in the same art gallery as a former archmage, though nobody remembered that they had wielded the same staff.


William had long known the results of him going to fight the Demon King. He had been betting on a victory… and that had meant his death. He chose to leave behind some letters for various people to read… though he had no certainty that they would be around to read them, or that they would even be delivered.

To Dong Xin,

“Thanks for teaching me to have less crappy staffwork.”

To Yu Li,

“You were the best sister I have ever had. Thank you for raising me… and then putting up with me when you found out more. I wish you a long and happy life.”

To Yu Huan,

“I suppose saying you are the best half-sister I ever had is somewhat of a backhanded compliment, but I will say it anyway. Though you may be bitter about my overshadowing you in some areas, let me just say that… I kind of cheated. As for how, well… I’m not going to tell you that. Maybe you’ll eventually figure it out on your own.”

To Amelia,

“It was fun talking with you about magic. I wish I had a chance to use it… but at least our decisions will mean that many people will be around to do so in the future.”

To Lorelei,

“I thought of many things I could tell you, but instead I will just say my biggest secret. I will just say I fondly remember the times we both spent together, over many years. How could I forget any of it? My memory is not so bad as to fade after a few years apart. I’d love to reminisce with you about it, but I guess I can’t now. I’d say I’ll miss our discussions, but I won’t have any feelings or any me at all, if things happen as I expect. As I write this, I hope you had fond memories of me, since that will be all that is left.”