Berserker Chapter 257

Berserker Chapter 257.

TOC for “Berserker”

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TOC for “Strength”

TOC for “Berserker”

TOC for “Blood”

TOC for “Unspoken Words of Magic”

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3 Replies to “Berserker Chapter 257”

  1. Why does I have a feeling that based on the prev chapters this is so that it was too embarrassed to publish itself?

    1. Scheduling still doesn’t work huh… *grumbles about wordpress*

      1. No. In this case it wasn’t WordPress, but the chapters embarrassment.
        You help somebody.
        Then when you need help (with your infected arm for example) they meander around then chop off your arm.
        Because it would have been inconvenient to talk to others. Yeah, your infected arm won’t kill you and possible even doctors would have to amputate it. But the problem isn’t mainly about the result, but the process of arriving to that result.
        Great character building… if you want her be a pile of excrement.
        What is worse, that putting that much effort into it will mean that it will be displayed frequently and consequently the people in the room have to smell it.

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