Strength Chapter 127 (Link should work)

So for some reason wordpress isn’t publishing scheduled chapters anymore. (see below)

Strength Chapter 127.

TOC for “Strength”

the thing

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TOC for “Wizard!”

TOC for “Strength”

TOC for “Berserker”

TOC for “Blood”

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4 Replies to “Strength Chapter 127 (Link should work)”

  1. Choo choo! There are no brakes on the Oops train!

    1. WordPress has decided it doesn’t want to publish scheduled chapters anymore, I guess.

      1. Don’t fret it, technical difficulties do happen. Then you can either make fun of them, or rage about them, and I don’t like raging.

        Well, I guess one can just simply report on them, but that is boring…

    2. For the record, there’s no way for me to know if the chapter actually published without going to edit it or logging out of my account… but I guess I’ll need to check for a few days because that’s two scheduled posts in a row that say they published but didn’t.

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