Wizard! Chapter 423

Trying out a new theme. I like how it is organized better, tell me if it looks good/ what you’d like to see.

Wizard! Chapter 423.

TOC for “Wizard!”

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TOC for “Wizard!”

TOC for “Strength”

TOC for “Berserker”

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  1. Personally I like the old theme better, just the text seems sharper (could be because the text seems to be a darker colour), I’ve never been a fan of two tone pages myself and I always prefer text in the middle of the screen, rather than being pushed to the side a bit…. That said, it’s always good to try new things lol, I’m pretty stuck in my ways I think xD.

    1. Yeah I’m not sure why the text seems less dark because I think it’s nearly the same… I should look into that.

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