Wizard! Chapter 331

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The Only Thing I Can Upgrade is Strength

The Clinic

The Immortal Berserker

Here’s Wizard! Chapter 331.

TOC for “Wizard!”

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TOC for “Wizard!”

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2 Replies to “Wizard! Chapter 331”

  1. I alread see that it’s going to be “berserker” win [or close behind “strength”] and it’s easy to see why. Clinic started high, so it’s only natural for people to expect it to quickly deteriorate, while neither of other ones had shown their potential yet, berserker hadn’t even finished setting the premise, so it’s obvious the will start getting interesting sometime later on… still it seems bit disapointing that readers population looks down on ideas that differ too much from set writing cliques. Probably even wizard wouldn’t get much publics if readers knew from the start that it’ll have more than one (standard they are used to from so many novels) reincarnation instance. (I’m bitter after searching trough ton’s of novels everywhere and finding majority to be dull and boring, don’t mind this rambling)

    1. I object! i have been here before his 1st death and it was just fine even if he couldn’t use magic. the title was an end-goal to see how he achieves it. obviously by joining the enemy~

      if i had to say, all-in-strength is the closest to wizard in style and people like familiarity. my experience with stories like berserker is hit-or-miss as some authors make it so the mc has 0 happiness and dies miserably while others just use it to develop a character properly. depends on how he writes that out, but the end goal sounds like a cultivation story.

      clinic was a bit out there. didnt read all of it, but i reached chapter 7 or 8 and still had no clue. odd story.

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