Wizard! Chapter 236

Here is Wizard! Chapter 236. But wait, there’s more! Okay, there’s not more yet, but tomorrow and Sunday there will be. Because of the recent increase in support on Patreon, I decided to add an extra chapter per week even though the goal hasn’t been met yet. It’s only for this month, unless the goal is actually met, but I wanted to give people the first dose of drugs a taste of what could be. Why two chapters this weekend then? Because I didn’t have an extra one last week.

TOC for “Wizard!”

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You can also support me on Patreon, currently at about halfway to the mark for another chapter/week for everyone to view. I would greatly appreciate it if you do, and you can get chapters early! I also have a Paypal account if you wish to donate directly. You can check the ‘support the author‘ page for more details.

TOC for “Wizard!”

TOC for “Bachelor”

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