Wizard! Chapter 181

Here is Wizard! Chapter 181.

Thanks to everyone who answered the poll! It turns out a lot of you don’t have money, which I understand completely. I have a lot of things I want to support but don’t have spare money for.

However, there were also a few of you who don’t particularly like Patreon, I have also opened a Paypal account. You can read about how donations will work here. In addition, if you have any other ideas you can leave them in comments, I would be willing to try other things as well.

Don’t forget that sharing with people you think will like any of the things I write will be quite helpful.

You can also support me on Patreon, currently at about halfway to the mark for another chapter/week for everyone to view. I would greatly appreciate it if you do, and you can get chapters early at certain levels of support.

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