Many Worlds Chapter 63 + Q & A

I’m doing a formal Q & A for my stories. I’ll be gathering questions for ~ a week, then I will try to answer them.

Some guidelines:

  1. I won’t answer anything that’s a spoiler as of the latest chapters
  2. I’m mostly doing this because some things that happened might not have been exactly clear in the chapters, either because it didn’t fit well to have a more thorough explanation, or because I forgot that people don’t know what’s going on in my head, or because people just didn’t understand what I wrote
  3. I reserve the right to not answer questions for any reason
  4. Leave your questions as comments on the chapter announcements (here) or the reddit posts.

Here’s Many Worlds Chapter 63.

Don’t forget that sharing with people you think will like any of the things I write will be quite helpful.

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