Wizard Chapter 83

Wednesday means Wizard! Chapter 83.

This Week’s Chapters:

Wizard! Chapter 82.

Many Worlds chapter 34.

Last week’s chapters:

Wizard Chapter 79.

Wizard Chapter 80.

Wizard Chapter 81.

Many Worlds Chapter 32.

Many Worlds Chapter 33!

5 Replies to “Wizard Chapter 83”

  1. No next chapter or previous chapter button on this page just fyi.

    1. Nah you were right it was supposed to be on the bottom too

      1. Several chapter after that also require it on the bottom as well then just fyi.

      2. Good catch. I can’t think of why I missed a few in a row there. I think at some point I might not have had the next and previous stuff at all and just missed the bottom ones on those…

  2. Guess you changed it from putting it on top and bottom to only the top. So ignore that previous post.

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