Wizard! Chapter 69

Here’s chapter 69! Hopefully it will elicit some kind of reaction from people! Even if it’s something like “Oh yeah, that makes sense,” but preferably a more surprised reaction.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter.

    Finally (more) information about the world.

    The most annoying thing for me from his previous life was his belief that he wouldn’t cross path with the Demon King. It was pretty obvious that it would bite him back…

    This was the reason why I didn’t think he would die there, but would somehow live long enough to fight with him. But this way of handling of the story is more reasonable. So well done 🙂

    Now I only want to know if he still has his previous state which let him withstand that dense mana in the cave. And what benefits will he have because of it in his cultivation path.

    Finally, he now has the possibility of uniting at least 2 country, which will definitely help the fight against the Demon King.

    Well, I think, this is all that I wanted to tell. I can only hope that you will keep up the good work.

    1. Well, he had a good reason to believe he wouldn’t meet the Demon King, since his lifespan wasn’t going to be that long even if he lived to be very old 🙂

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