Wizard Chapter 65 (End of Book 1)

Here’s Chapter 65, the end of book 1. I hope you enjoyed it, and stick around for book 2, which starts Monday!

3 Replies to “Wizard Chapter 65 (End of Book 1)”

  1. Thank you for the chapter! Congratulation for finishing Book 1!

    You really did a good work with this story. Although these last two chapters… too much sad things happened. The only things that keep my tears back is the hope that ‘Archmage William’ is a foreshadowing, and your previous note that William can’t get really strong too quickly.

    And I feel we will see a familiar demoness in the near future experimenting on poor William…

  2. thanks for the chapter and hope to see more of william

  3. I was rooting for him getting magic too. Ahh well I guess see you in the next life.

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