Wizard! Chapter 50

Here’s Chapter 50. It’s a bit longer this time. Because it’s chapter 50? Nope, because the chapter demanded of itself that it be longer. I can only do as the characters demand.

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  1. Well I am not that interested in perfect grammar, but these got my attention:

    These questions were going in a question that were making William uncomfortable,

    -> second ‘question’ should be ‘direction’ in my opinion.

    A general outline of probably army makeup is included here.

    -> This whole sentence doesn’t sit well for me. I also don’t know how I would say it with the same words, but with different grammar, but one thing is for sure: at least I would use ‘the probable’ instead of ‘probably’.

    I am sorry to nitpick upon these things, hell I could be entirely wrong about them 😛 (for English is not my native language), so read this with that in mind.

    And lastly, but more importantly, thank you for the chapter! 🙂

    1. Yeah, I didn’t proofread this chapter >_<, I don't mind corrections. Both of the things you suggested are correct, so I've fixed it now.

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