Visitors from… Mauritius?

Something that may not interest you as readers unless you like numbers as much as I do is stuff about page views. Everything is pretty normal seeming about my traffic… lots of people from the United States… various other places, and then…


Mauritius? I looked this up the first time I saw it, and it looks like a really nice place with a lot of nice beaches. I just am not sure if this is actually where the views are coming from or just somewhere nearby. I mean, with this number of views, it might even require more than 1 person from there reading my stuff.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello to all my reader(s) from Mauritius… and everyone else too, but I was less surprised at the existence of most of the rest of you 😛

4 Replies to “Visitors from… Mauritius?”

  1. Although I’m from Germany, you should be surprised about me, too. After all, I’m quite special. :3

    1. Well, the data gathered doesn’t count specialness for some reason :p

  2. we read you from italy too!

    1. That’s great! Happy to have you 🙂

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