Wizard! Chapter 48

Here’s Chapter 48. Remember that Wednesday is Many Worlds, and there’s another chapter of this on Friday! See you then!

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  1. ###SPOILER###

    Lila is seriously OP. To take a dragon down alone…
    Are you sure you are writing the story from the perspective of the real MC? 😀

    1. Oh, he’s the real MC alright. He’ll just take a little longer to become overpowered. By a little, of course, I mean “a lot”. Can’t have him taking over the world at 20 years old! (Not that he wants to)

  2. well okay lilas op and all
    but u could put more emphasis on her training or other things (besides TALENT{c’mon i hate it}) to make her OPness understandable

    1. Well, it has been mentioned that she’s gone out fighting magical beasts pretty consistently. Presumably, that should count as training.

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