Synopsis (synopses?)

I realized that my synopsis for “I’m Gonna Be a Wizard When I Grow up Again!” is somewhat lacking. I plan on updating it, but I don’t know what exactly to say. I want to keep things non-spoilery, but still provide a decent way for people to know what to expect. Of course, everyone has different spoiler thresholds too. If anyone wants to write a synopsis from the perspective of a reader, I would like to see it. Is this just me being to lazy to write my own synopsis? Nooo… of course not. That’s silly. Hey- look at that over there!


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  1. So I came up with this on the spot, feel free to use or modify it as you see fit:

    A man on his death bed regrets only one thing in his life: not able to become a wizard. Fortunately he is reincarnated into a world where magic does exist. Will he be able to accomplish his dream? Or maybe fate (the author) has other plans with him…

    1. I like it. At the very least, it’s certainly better than what I have now :p

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