Wizard- Chapter 38

Here’s chapter 38! Enjoy.

Chapter 38

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  1. So William will get a new face? Or the poison gas only ate away his upper layer of skin, which will grow back in a few days? Or even better a deformed face like those who has charred theirs?
    I seriously feel sorry for Lila, his future husband will look like a zombie…
    But I can see some healing magic coming too, to restore his face (somewhat)… So many options!!!

    1. Uhh… I was so hyped up after this turn of events I totally forgot this:
      Thank you for the chapter! 😀

    2. Contrary to popular fantasy, most poisons aren’t corrosive like acid. That said, *some* of them do turn into acid when exposed to moisture. Fun facts!

      1. Okay, so he only bled from his eyes and ears? Lucky William, he met with poison aimed to incapacitate enemies, not killing them. Second option seems better, but again it could be dangerous for the user too.

      2. Well, and his nose, and his lungs

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