Ask Chris #3

Hello~ Here’s #3.


From Horius:

Thanks for the insight, Chris. Magic is also depenidng of movement by sound, huh? Well, four new main questions then.

  1. Have you ever heard or seen that very experienced and talented magicans lose control of their spells in a battlefield? When no, in which distance to each other do magicans stand on the battlefield, and in which distance are loud spells intercepted?

-Sometimes, though you may be overestimating how much I’ve been on battlefields. Generally, a wizard would stand as far away as he thinks his spells will reach. The thirty meters for the dueling arena is rather closer than (powerful) wizards are able to cast some spells from. Generally, they could cast out of easy hearing of other wizards, but the travel time of most spells would still allow them to counter somehow.

  1. Where there in the past beings which had the ability to disturb spells? When yes, did surviving magicians notice some weird sound or maybe pressure on their ears, and where these beings able to disrupt sound in a great distance?

-I know some things can disrupt spells, but I haven’t seen them personally. Besides, you know, hitting the wizard to make them lose concentration. So, I haven’t talked to wizards about it. William seems unnecessarily excited about that thought for some reason though?

  1. Did it in the past happen, that two sorcerer casted the same spell syncron to each other, in close distance to each other, in roughly the same direction? When yes, please describe what happened.

-Like, a combined spell? Usually their spells just collide, though I heard maybe with practice they can work together to create a more powerful spell.

  1. Was there ever a case where sorcerers took turns in chanting one very long spell? When yes, did anything unusual happen? When nothing unusual happened, do you know if they had similar voices?

-I haven’t seen any of this, but William said that it usually goes badly, according to records. Something about… umm… William! Explain! *William comes onto the scene* During the time of trading off control of the spell/chanting, the mana is briefly uncontrolled, usually resulting in magical feedback (i.e. everyone nearby getting blown up). There are no records that I’ve found about any success in this (though maybe if I can get into the restricted library…).  The records don’t mention anything about voices at all.


From Winterice:

Would higher pitches aka microwave and radiowave frequencies make mana even easier to manipulate??

-What are those? *Chris asks William* He says “No idea, probably can’t generate those anyway. If it could be done, it might take more energy than it’s worth.”

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  1. To my number 4: Would it work, if the other magician does in the last seconds ‘semi-chorus’ magic? That means, that shortly before the first stops, the second magician already begins to chant. That should eliminate any short disturbance, as long as the magicians are trained for chorus magic.

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