Ask Chris #2

Second installment of Ask Chris. It is recommended that you read chapter 25 first, for reasons. Mostly because I want you to read the chapter.

So… Chris, what do you think about William’s battle/combat sense?

-It’s pretty good, I guess. I’ve seen better. Though, I’ve also seen a lot worse. Well, he’s still young though. *Hears whispering from William* Umm, well, he’s still inexperienced. His only real problem right now is spacing out, though he calls it “thinking”.


Chris, can you ‘cast’ a spell even though you can’t speak? You said you can use(throw) ambient mana. If so, couldn’t William create spells which you use in his stead?

-I asked William about this, and he said, “What? Even a staff?” Then he sighed and said, “Well, you can’t speak so…”  Now he’s mumbling something in that other language he knows. Maybe he’s broken?

(Good insight and timing with this question, by the way.)


Question for Chris: Can you ever stop trolling the William? (I somehow expect a “I am not, or who knows, or I don`t know what you are talking about answer… )

-I don’t know what you are talking about. … Also, maybe there are some things I should tell him, but I don’t really remember much in the way of specifics unless he asks about it or a similar topic. Some stuff happened a really long time ago, you know? Plus, I have no idea what he’d be interested in, even if I remembered it at a good time.

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  1. Ahem… Chris, since you’ve stayed with William all the time for sooooo long, by any chance *ahem* that you’ve seen any signs of romance going around our MC? For an example, Lila?… You know what I’ talking about, right?

  2. Thanks for the insight, Chris. Magic is also depenidng of movement by sound, huh? Well, four new main questions then.

    1. Have you ever heard or seen that very experienced and talented magicans lose control of their spells in a battlefield? When no, in which distance to each other do magicans stand on the battlefield, and in which distance are loud spells intercepted?

    2. Where there in the past beings which had the ability to distrub spells? When yes, did survivng magicans notice some weird sound or maybe pressure on their ears, and where these beings able to disrupt sound in a great distance?

    3. Did it in the past happen, that two sorcerer casted the same spell syncron to each other, in close distance to each other, in roughly the same direction? When yes, please describe what happened.

    4. Was there ever a case where sorcerers took turns in chanting one very long spell? When yes, did anything unusual happen? When nothing unusual happened, do you know if they had similiar voices?

    Playing with the rules of magic is very interesting in this story. I hope that I don’t ask too much too early.

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