Ask Chris #1

This is a question and answer thing! Not sure how often I’ll be doing it. It probably depends on how many questions come in.

Also, “Chris” will be willing to answer questions about other series as well, unless there are enough questions to merit splitting it up, which seems unlikely.

No spoilers, though. I’ll certainly be willing to provide clarification on some things though.

Questions I received since last week:

1. Can you transfer mana to William? (I think that’s what William was lacking right?)

-Mana just floats all around, so I could throw mana at him, but since he can’t sense it he can’t do anything with it. At best, nothing would happen. I might break something if I do too much. (Basically, he can’t sense and control mana, which is an ambient force)

This question was also answered by another reader, but I felt that several others may have had similar questions in mind, so I placed my version of the answer here.


2. What do you think of the wizards as they are in the present, especially after having fought in matches against the bests of the next generation?

-I remember there were a lot of strong guys a while back. Even recently, there were some pretty good ones, but they haven’t been around in a few years. The ones called Lila and Marius aren’t too bad considering their age. I haven’t seen any of the old ones fight since I met William. Well, nothing I would really call fighting anyway. 


3. Do you not remember your human past because of the ‘curse’ or simply the great amount of time you have been a staff?

-It’s the curse. Though, I’m not sure whether it was intended. I didn’t stick around to ask about it because everyone there was really mean. Well, I may have forgotten a little bit since then from time, but those memories might still be around here somewhere.

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  1. So, what Willian needs now is a method to open his 6º sense (to feel mana)….

  2. Thank you for your answers Chris!

  3. So… Chris, what do you think about William’s battle/combat sense?

  4. Chris, can you ‘cast’ a spell even though you can’t speak? You said you can use(throw) ambient mana. If so, couldn’t William create spells which you use in his stead?

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