Blood Chapter 7

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Over the half hour after the attack by the vampire, Boris, as he seemed to be called, was dragged away, and several people came to visit Sanguis’ room. The guards asked Sanguis about what had happened in the room, as well as Michael when he showed up. The story he told was this- Boris had run into the room, attacked Sanguis, slipped on the blood, and started contorting in pain. These were all true, but obviously missed the detail of the silver bullet. The guards looked confused, but Michael just looked at Sanguis for a few moments, especially his torso, then nodded.

Sanguis looked down and managed not to facepalm. Seven bullet holes, and he’d turned in six bullets. He was still bleeding, too. Maybe he should have asked for stitches, but at this point he had the feeling that blood loss wasn’t going to be an issue. He wasn’t sure how he was still alive, but he’d begun to accept it. Still, stitches would keep his floor cleaner, so he’s have to remember to ask.

When Valerie came into the room, she got a shocked look on her face, then ran up and hugged him, too hard. “Are you okay?!”

“Gah… bullet holes… Otherwise fine.”

Valerie jumped back… and fell down on the slippery floor. She looked embarrassed, and not just from the fall. Sanguis was, too, but since he was in pain, it was easier to hide. Everybody else pointedly ignored the interaction.

Michael explained more of the situation. “Your background checks out. However, since you’re a blood mage, there were many who were reluctant to accept it. Some wouldn’t listen to my explanation, since I’m just an old man… and some didn’t care.”

“Old?” Sanguis stared at Michael’s face. He didn’t look old, but, well, vampires. “That doesn’t make you more powerful or special or anything?”

“No. Didn’t Valerie explain?”

Valerie got a very sheepish look. “I… may have forgotten to say that.” She folded her hands awkwardly. “Or anything I was supposed to say.”

“You didn’t tell him anything? What were you doing in here these past few days then?”

“Umm… reading?”

Michael just put his face in his hands. “Of course you were. You are aware you can read in your own room, I imagine. You’ll still have to tell him.” Michael switched back to facing Sanguis. “You, as you might imagine, are something of an oddity. As is plainly obvious, you don’t seem to die of blood loss, and assuming you are telling the truth, which I believe you are, you can read blood runes without training. There are some old stories about a similar person. Since they were an ally of vampires, there is no reason to believe you could not be. Even if you were a normal blood mage, or even a normal human, no matter what some others might think.” He glared towards the doorway, where there was currently nobody. “So now comes a choice for you. You can leave here, and be a normal human… as much as you are capable. As long as you do not reveal our location, we will leave you alone… even if you proceed to study more blood magic. Alternatively, if for some reason you wish to remain in a world where you have been both shot and attacked with a blunt object, there are those of us who would be glad to have you as an ally.”

Sanguis frowned. “Go back to being a normal human?” Valerie looked at him nervously. “Honestly, I’d rather die.” He picked up all of his blood, scattered around the room and swirled it around him. “This is awesome, why would I stop?”

Valerie nodded. “So, umm… about joining us. I know us vampires haven’t treated you well, and we’re monsters, but…” She didn’t seem to be able to come out with anything concrete, but Sanguis got the idea.

Sanguis shrugged. “What? I don’t have anything against vampires. I’ve been treated quite well, given the circumstances. Barring the one who tried to kill me.” Sanguis smiled, trying to avoid glancing at Valerie and failing. “Plus, I can think of a few reasons to stay here.”

Michael clarified the situation. “You know that by allying with us, the hunters will be after you, if they know? They are human, like you, for the most part.”

“So? Humans are pretty much one of the worst enemies of humans anyway. We kill each other all the time, in case you don’t pay attention to the news. Plus, they already tried to kill me without even any explanation.” Sanguis frowned. “Are they all that bad?”

“Some would say so, but there are many groups that are more… restrained. Not all hunters are united, and there are as many factions in the world that you were unaware of as in the world you are used to.”

“Right, so, basically, you’ve been my friends, so I have no reason to not stay your friends. Although, I’d like to be able to leave my room sometime. Also, I could use some internet access.”

Michael laughed. “You are one of the strangest humans, or anything really, that I’ve ever met.”

Valerie chimed in. “Hey, the internet is really important!”

“You young ones… Well, I suppose we shall set you up with a proper room, then determine what jobs you can do… unless have somewhere you wish to work.”

Sanguis grinned. “Can I get a job doing magic? That would be the best.”
Michael grinned too. “Well, probably. There are many jobs that involve ‘doing magic’. Maybe we’ll find something that suits you.” Michael’s grin was kind of creepy, now that Sanguis thought about it. It was probably the fangs. Valerie’s was always cute though.


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