What’s next?

Hello again read-y persons. Now that the beginnings of some of my stories are up on this site, I was wondering what people thought of them. Thus, I have created another poll! Currently, I plan to post more of the top two out of the four stories, but if there is enough interest in each, I might do some kind of rotation. I still only plan to post two chapters a week here, though, because I don’t have enough time to write more (because I have a “real job”).

Poll (Pick everything you like/want to see more of!)

3 Replies to “What’s next?”

  1. Hello, just curious, but didn’t you say your release of necromancer is on Thursday?

    1. It’s still Thursday… but I can’t (or don’t know how to) set those up to post at a specific time, and I forgot to during my lunch break.

      1. Oh, I don’t know if there an option like that in royalroadl or WordPress, but if there are any in Royalroadl, then it probably have a post in the forum on how to do it.

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