It was kind of mean to only give the names of series, wasn’t it? Partly I just wanted to see how many people would participate in the poll with no prior knowledge.

Well then, here are some summaries? or something of each series.

Blood: Modern day with vampires and blood mages. Also, blood. Currently, low action and lots of talking. Did I mention there’s blood? Not much gore though. Fairly light-hearted for something called Blood and about such macabre topics.

Many worlds: Set in a dystopian future where Earth is overpopulated but colonization of reachable planets has proved impossible. Although nobody living has gone to another planet, a new SFVRMMORPG (Science Fiction Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, and I’m only saying that once) has been produced by a mysterious company. The game is called Many Worlds, and sports simulations of multiple, real planet-sized zones.

Of Space and Bachelor’s Degrees: Sports a pretentious title. Richard Smith is a relatively normal human going off to university. He also happens to live in a distant future where many species coexist with humans. Includes experiences that any normal apparently some people would experience at such a place.

You can continue to vote on the same poll (until sometime Friday): Poll closed! Many Worlds: 11, Blood: 8, Of Space~:7. Therefore, tomorrow I will be posting some of Many Worlds! (I may have accidentally biased the polls by having a better description for it, but eventually people will have samples of all three stories, so~)

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