Update Schedule!

Hello! I’m so happy that many of you came to see my new story. I wasn’t sure if anybody remembered I existed after my unfortunate extremely long brief disappearance. If you found me other than through my story Necromancer, well, welcome as well!

Today, I will discuss my planned update schedule.

On Monday, I plan to release new chapters of I’m Gonna be a Wizard When I Grow up Again! and yes, I do plan to use the full title every time until I get annoyed with it forever.

On Thursday, I plan to release chapters of Necromancer. Oh, look. Today is a Thursday. Does that mean?… Yes, here it is! http://www.royalroadl.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=25050

I may release other things on other days, but not at a set schedule at this time, because even keeping up with two things consistently will be difficult. Consistency hasn’t been my strong point, but I’ll try.

Well, have a nice day everybody, and thanks for visiting!

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